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Analytical Laboratory

Analytical laboratory deals with chemical and microbiological analyses of raw materials and products ...Read more

Raw Material

All the basic raw materials needed for the production of ayurvedic drugs in the consortium will be procured and supplied by CARe Keralam Ltd...Read more

Raw Material Laboratory

Raw materials are tested for genuine herm and quality prior to procurement...
Read more

Toxicology Laboratory

Adequate facilities exist in the toxicology laboratory and animal house for efficacy and toxicological studies of drugs and neutraceutical formulations. Vain equipments available ...Read more

R & D Laboratory

CARe Keralam is a pioneer research organization in the field of Ayurvedic research, where all the infrastructure and expertise are....Read more


Microbiological criteria are used to indicate the required microbiological status of raw materials...Read more

Production Centre

The production centre has various dossaging / packaging services including softgel encapsulation, granulation, tablet compressing and blister packing...Read more

Facilities of