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Vice Chairman 'S MESSAGE

Managing Director - Care Keralam


Vice Chairman, CARe KERALAM Ltd.

Since its inception, CARe Keralam has grown into a reputed Ayurvedic Resource Center. It is now envisaged to be a Center of Excellence for a gamut of activities spanning from core Ayurveda research to an organization of standardized offerings.

The last few years have brought upon us great many challenges.† It has also brought along potential opportunities in taking this ancient wisdom of ours forward as per the demand and requirements of the newer times. Itís time that we embark with an endeavor that is professional to the core. We should convert these potential into opportunities while engaging the challenges effectively.

In order to achieve this and broaden our horizon, we need to start instantly navigating the short term challenges. We should not lose sight of our long term vision to deliver a larger and sustainable organization in the realm of Ayurveda.

Together, we shall positively look forward with clearly defined matrix. Thereby we will enlarge our corporate platform by encompassing areas like Research, Social Entrepreneurship, Training, Larger Product Platforms etc.

It is indeed glad to know that there are a number of areas for which we have progressed already. We shall continue to undergo gap analysis exercises. This will be centered on identifying the need for stronger business governance over strategic and tactical growth matters. We will also ensure more direct engagement and adherence to our corporate objectives. Additionally we will pursue refreshing our company vision and strengthening its connection to our core mission which remain the focal bonding among the three sustainable pillars:

People | Proportion | Performance

The diversity, commitment and expertise of our team, working interactively with our clients and various associates shall continue to inspire our vision. In bringing a sustainable and continuous growth model, I propose the following as our core focus areas:

Increase employee independence and self-sufficiency

Adopt and strictly adhere to best practices in all spheres of Operations

Provide quality Corporate Social Services

Create opportunities for partnerships

I firmly seek to strike the right balance between profits and principles. We will take courageous stands in issues such as equal opportunities through professional corporate governance, business sustainability and corporate social responsibilities.

Here, I would like to convey a message of appreciation to our board of directors, employees, stakeholders and all well-wishers. I also firmly believe that our people will continue to be the driving force behind our success and growth. I look forward for unflinching support in the coming days and let us together take this organization to new heights of success and glory.